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"I saw her face a little clearer, it seemed normal to me, a face like millions of others.  The eyes were crooked, but I didn't know that till later. It looked neither young nor old, the face, as though stranded between the vernal and the sere.  Such ambiguity I found difficult to bear."

-Samuel Beckett


Vernal & Sere Theatre is an ensemble-based company driven by the desire to create imaginative, difficult theatre that addresses current issues and traditional modes of interpretation through performance that experiments with language and movement while reaching for the sublime, the profane, and the outright ambiguous.


We are drawn to work both classical and new that straddles the line between vernal and sere, fertility and barrenness, sacred and profane, happiness and grief. We ask our audiences to plunge headfirst into the void between such polarities and then reorient themselves to the difficult reality of being. It is our firm belief that such an act expands thought, deepens empathy, and reinvigorates one to life. Our audience’s willingness to brave this potentially treacherous journey makes our work possible. In fact, we live for the deep, profound relationships that we build with audiences at our shows: it is the most life affirming thing that we do.

Vernal & Sere is proud to be included as a company in residence at The Windmill Arts Center in East Point, Georgia.


Vernal & Sere began in 2016 when five friends felt a strong impulse to create work in Atlanta that challenges and shakes the city's (and country's) tendency toward kitchen-sink realism, tradition, and decorum in its theatre. It almost began in a living room with ten seats, but that would not have met demand for long as the company quickly gained a cult following during the 2016 presidential election, when their production of Mac Wellman's Sincerity Forever felt suddenly prescient as it loudly and enthusiastically sounded the alarms at our country's erosion of reason.

Ever since, we've been raising "badass, obstreperous, antisocial, pestiferous, brutalitarian, loudmouthed and chaotic bloody hell" with every passing production.

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